Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just a season....

Hey Everyone.... I'm back! Well for a few minutes anyway! Things have been a little crazy around here. I got my friend Cyndi to post a few pictures so now I'll post a few more and fill you in with some more details on Miss Abigail Faith Collins!!

Abigail is still in the NICU. She weighs 2lbs. 11ozs. today. She went off oxygen but is actually back on it now. She is on a very low setting and may be off in a few days. She is still being tube fed for all her feedings. We should be starting bottles or nursing in the next couple weeks. She is off her IV and PIC lines and seems to be holding her temperature pretty good. They have actually turned her bed down quite a bit but are keeping her in the incubator because she's SO small.

The nurses and Drs. at the NICU are just wonderful, as usual. We are just counting the days until she can come home. It's been SO amazing how many wonderful friends and family God has given us to help us during this time. I have someone scheduling people to watch my big kids so I can go to the hospital and hold Abigail. We also have had people bringing some meals which has been a wonderful blessing to our family as well.

Have I ever told you guys how amazing my husband is? Well I know I have you just have to read some old posts if you haven't heard :) He has been my rock during this time. He ran the house SO well while I was in the hospital for 2 weeks but has also been so helpful in the evenings with the kids so I can spend more time with Abigail. He is such a blessing to me I can't imagine my life without him. He loves our kids so much and is SO great with them. I love to watch him hold Abigail too. It's just the sweetest thing ever! He talks to her and tells her how much he loves her. Our kids are so blessed and so am I.

The Lord's grace and mercy has been poured out upon our family during this time. We feel so blessed to have another child and that she and I are doing fine. She was so worth every drs. appt. and complication. This is a season... so temporary in the long run. We'll look back at these few weeks one day smile. For now yes, it's hard. I'm tired and I cry.. A LOT! I want so badly to have Abigail home and for life to be normal again. I feel like I'm in that move Groundhog's Day.. each day feels the same.. I pump every 3 hours. I visit Abigail, I hold her, I spend time with the big kids and I do it all again the next day etc. etc. etc. But for now I wait upon the Lord for my strength to be renewed each day. He will carry us through this time and make us stronger for it.

Thanks for reading and please continue to pray for Abigail. She needs to grow, grow, grow! Pray for my big kids as they are being carted around to many different people's houses.. they love it but I worry about their schedules. And most of all pray that Neil and I will be a testimony to God's grace and love to each nurse, doctor or NICU parent we come in contact with.

Grace to you all,


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