Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why Should God Bless America?

Well, I am not really even sure where to start. I guess I am not surprised by the people of American voting in Obama as our new president. I am not surprised because American has totally turned it's back on Christ so today American got what it deserves. We are in for some big changes and it's time for the true Christian's to step up and start reaching the lost for Christ while we can still do so without being arrested. Then I guess we will just all hang out in jail together. :)

I think it's so strange to me that so many voted for this man that believes it's ok to kill preborn children! Now let me ask a question...

If Obama was an animal killer would he have one? If he wore fur coats and pushed for animals to be killed for any reason (research, sacrifices or whatever) would he have won? NO! Animals have become more important then humans?? Are you kidding me?

Well, I wonder what it will be like to live in a Socialist country.. guess we will find out pretty soon.. "spread the wealth" Obama but my God still sits on the throne!

So hear is the question... Why Should God Bless America?

Here is a nice artical I got from a friend... it sums it up pretty well.

Dear Friends of the Preborn,

Last night showed how self-absorbed and indifferent the American people are to the brutal injustice the preborn in our nation suffer under. Obama was elected president. Never has a candidate run as many pro-death ads as he did. He already has the preborn in his rifle sites and plans to sign FOCA into law within the first 60 days of his administration.In Colorado, the personhood amendment was defeated soundly. And in South Dakota, the pro-life forces there also lost. They thought that their amendment (to outlaw abortion) lost in 2006 because they did not have life of the mother and rape/incest exceptions. So this time they added those exceptions to the amendment. The result? They still lost! Results in 2006 were 55% to 45%. Results in 2008 were 55% to 45%. The same. So what does this say about the wine and cheese pro-lifers idea that we simply MUST HAVE these exceptions in order to win?While the preborn were spit upon by the American people across the country, the people of California passed a state-wide measure to outlaw the crowding of chickens in their cages by granting them larger state-mandated space.Take time to read Francis Schaeffer's book - Death in the City. It is based upon the book of Jeremiah and lays out a sound biblical blueprint for living as Christians in a nation like America. We plan to seek God, and then continue on with what He has given us to do.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

Pastor Matt Trewhella


One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Mrs. Collins,

I think that part about "hanging out together in jail" might really come to pass! Not that I'm really excited about that...but if we had other Christians in the "Cell" (you never might turn into the word 'dungeon' instead of 'cell':) with us then we could encourage each other in our suffering! That would be neat! But...they (government) might be smart enough to realize that and put is in secluded cells...let's hope not.

Do you think I read too many martyrs stories now? :)

Seriously, though, we might (I might go so far as to say "will") be persecuted during Obama's regime. I only pray that I'll stay true to the end!

Love you guys!

Willingly Jesus',

One of the Wassenbergs said...

I wanna be in your cell!!!!!!! Like Kimber said, obviously our parents have "indoctrinated" us toooooo much! Kidding! Thanks to our parents helpful guidence we're able to more effectively win the lost of the world and be prepared ourselves for whatever may come. Not saying that I am prepared just probably more prepared then a lot of Christians in America today! What wonderful parents I have! :)

Hope to see you tonight (Nov. 7th)!

A Daughter of the King of Kings,
Hannah Wass