Sunday, October 12, 2008

Corn and more...

Well we sure have been busy. Last weekend we took the kids to a local nursery and they had this corn box (just like a sand box but with corn!) The kids had so much fun. Neil also took them into the corn maze while I went to the grocery store and hit a couple yard sales.
I found a bike for Sarah for $5! I also found some other really good deals.

This week we have been busy too with school, AWANA etc. Emily is getting to be such a big girl! She has been saying two new things "What's that?" Sounds like "Wusat?"
The other one is "Who's that" souds like "who-dat" really cute!!

Funny Mom moment.....

The other morning I put Emily in her highchair with a drink and a few cherrios and I decided to take a hot quiet shower! I am always worried about her choking and this time was no different. So I am in the shower trying to enjoy the quiet moment and I am thinking... "what is she choked while I was in the shower? " then I would dismiss the thought. Well, just as I step out of the shower I hear Carson started yelling from downstairs.. it went something like this:


Mommy: (in my calm voice) What is it Carson? I just got out of the shower..

Carson: Hurry up it's Emily somethings different about her.. she looks funny...

Mommy: (pure panic.. she looks funny because she's blue from choking on Cherrios Jamie! Great job!! Wonderful...) I'm coming !!!!

So I go running downstairs.. now I had time to grab a towel but let's just say it wasn't a very big towel... as I sprint into the kitchen ready to preform anything from the finger sweep to CPR.... I see Emily sitting in the high chair with a pair of yellow sunglasses on!!!

Carson: See Mommy doesn't she look different?

Mommy: GOOD GRIEF CARSON YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK I THOUGHT SHE WAS CHOKING!! (calming down and catching my breath...) Carson, next time please don't say "Mommy Hurry" unless something is wrong OK?

Carson: Ok Mommy... and if she is choking do you want me to say "Mommy come quick Emily is choking?"

Mommy: (realizing she has a 61/2 year old big boy) Yes, Carson great idea.


Kim said...

Oh girl! What a vision!!! Mine might have started choking after I showed up in my too-small bath towel!

Too funny :) You've gotta love their enthusiasm and excitement over the little things, like a baby sister wearing sunglasses.

By the way, I have that same fear with Benjamin. Especially now that he is crawling and goes off into other rooms. Our house is definitely not baby proof so we do our best at keeping an eye on him, but he is fast!

Jenn said...

That's such a funny story!!