Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Well, we are back doing school everyday now. We did some school this summer but took a lot of time off too :) Carson is in First Grade and Sarah started Kindergarten. Emily.. well, Emily is trying to do whatever sister and brother do as you can tell from the picture. She is into everything and I'm not yet sure exactly what I will do with her while I am doing school. Today we tried just letting her play in the room but she ended up on top of the school table several times. After awhile she figured out that she could play and I wasn't going anywhere so she was fine for while. Carson is doing such a great job at reading. I am so proud of him! Sarah loves to draw and paint and she is starting to learn to read and I am so proud of her too. Sarah is so sweet with Emily and the two of them have such a good time playing. We are working on Creation in our history and tonight we started reading Little House on the Prairie. We are using a Classical approach to our homeschooling which involves a lot of "living" (books that teach us by reading about them in "real" books instead of textbooks). We still have a very structured Math and Handwriting Program that goes along with it too. We had a fun day and some friends even came over afterschool and we made some whole wheat tortillas!! Oh, what fun!!

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Jenn said...

It's been interesting with Ellerie too! I tried her in her bed with toys and she didn't like that. She's played in her room a little with the gate some but she like being where we are - and on table tops too!!