Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emily's Boo Boo and Childhood Memories.....

Well we were outside playing in the nice fall like weather and Emily tripped and fell on the driveway. She got a boo boo on her nose as you can tell from the picture. She bounced back pretty quickly. She was cracking me up with this hat on so I took a picture to document her boo boo like any good mother (right?).

Speaking of mothers. I was thinking of my mom yesterday morning. Have you ever had one of those moments after you have children that you thank God for your mother and you feel the need to call her and apologize for all the things you did as a child? Well here are just a couple of those things.

First of all CLOTHES. I use to try clothes on and toss them in the dirty clothes or leave them on the floor. Well, my son has adopted this behavior for himself and I think of my poor mom every time I go into his room (after I have told him to clean it up) and I look at the heaping pile of clothes hanging out of his dirty clothes basket. I ask him "Carson, are all of those clothes dirty?" (I can literally her my mothers voice as I am saying this). So one by one I pick up each item and do what with it ladies?? Come on ... you know the answer.. yes.. SMELL IT! :) Over half of the clothes go back into the drawers and the rest are off to be washed.. Oh, what joy!

OK, here is the other thing... I am sleeping in my bed. Not sure of the time but everyone in the house is still sleeping (so I think). Then I start to sense that someone is watching me. So I roll over and open one eye as I do I jump out of my skin and gasp!!! Carson!!! What's wrong??? "Nothing, Hi Mommy, Can I get up now??" As my heart starts to slow down and get out of the danger zone I take a deep breath and once again ask very calmly "Carson, when you come in Mommy's room can you say "Mommy or something instead of just standing there??" lol lol

I can remember in our house growing up we had a few rules when we went out. Always be home by curfew and most important of all... when you get home you must "Check in" this consisted of walking into my mom's bedroom and telling her you were home. I remember many times I would come in and into my mother's bedroom as she was sleeping peacefuly in her bed.. and in my quite voice say "mama, I'm home" only for her to jump straight out of bed and gasp and say "WHAT'S WRONG???" then my standard response "nothing mama, I was just checking in" lol

Ahh, what sweet memories. I sure did have a wonderful childhood. With 3 older sister and a much younger brother there was never a dull moment. My mom, the strongest women I know, raised us to love each other and the Lord. I value that so much. Ok, now it's your turn. In the comment section of this entry (just below this post) let's here your moments. The times that you thought to yourself "I sound just like my mom, my poor mom" lol




David and Des said...

I think your mom is one of the strongest women I know too. I am priviledged to call her friend.

Stephanie(axpo23) said...

Hey Jamie! My eyes are teary reading your post. :) (And I love your background--wooo-hoo)

My mom moment prb came out of a moment of her frustration for some stupid adolescent thing I did. Not once, but twice she stated to me, (in no uncertain tone), "I hope you have a daughter just LIKE YOU." We laugh about it now, but Maddie has given me a run for my money. And in some ways is just like me--what a joy to look forward to the teen years. :)