Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Girls

"The Girls" I love this term! This might sound strange but it's such a cool thing to say and to hear my husband say.. "I put it in the girls room". I love that I have 2 girls (so far). My sweet Sarah is such a little mamma! She loves her baby sister and Emily adores her too! They have so much fun together!

Well Carson has started taking Tae Kwon Do. He takes is at the same place that Sarah takes dance. So far he loves it and is doing really well. The class that he is taking is during the day so it is filled with homeschoolers which is nice. He knows many of them from skating or from our homeschool co-op. We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed our time with Daddy!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

God’s High Call for Women

From Pastor John MacArthur

God’s High Call for Women Although women have traditionally fulfilled supportive roles in serving the church and gained their greatest joy and sense of accomplishment from being wives and mothers, the feminist movement has successfully influenced many women to abandon these divinely ordained roles. Unfortunately, this movement has made headway even in the church, creating chaos and confusion regarding the role of women both in ministry and in the home. Only in Scripture can God’s intended design for women be found. The Old Testament and Women In the creation account of Genesis 1, God’s first word on the subject of men and women is that they were equally created in the image of God (v. 27). Neither received more of the image of God than the other. So the Bible begins with the equality of the sexes. As persons, as spiritual beings standing before God, men and women are absolutely equal. In Genesis 2, there is a more detailed account of the creation of the two equal human beings that reveals differences in their God-given functions and responsibilities. God did not create the man and the woman at the same time, but rather He created Adam first and Eve later for the specific purpose of being Adam’s helper. Eve was equal to Adam, but she was given the role and duty of submitting to him. Although the word “helper” carries very positive connotations — even being used of God Himself as the helper of Israel (Deut. 33:7; Ps. 33:20) — it still describes someone in a relationship of service to another. The responsibility of wives to submit to their husbands, then, was part of the plan from creation, even before the curse. The first books of the Bible establish both the equality of men and women and also the support role of the wife (see Exod. 21:15, 17, 28–31; Num. 5:19–20, 29; 6:2; 30:1–16). Throughout the Old Testament, women were active in the religious life of Israel, but generally they were not leaders. Women like Deborah (Judges 4) were clearly the exception and not the rule. There was no woman with an ongoing prophetic ministry. No woman was a priest. No queen ever ruled Israel. No woman wrote an Old Testament (or New Testament) book. Isaiah 3:12 indicates that God allowed women to rule as part of His judgment on the sinning nation. Jesus and Women In the midst of the Greek, Roman, and Jewish cultures, which viewed women almost on the level of possessions, Jesus showed love and respect for women. Though Jewish rabbis did not teach women and the Jewish Talmud said it was better to burn the Torah than to teach it to a woman, Jesus never took the position that women, by their very nature, could not understand spiritual or theological truth. He not only included them in His audiences but also used illustrations and images that would be familiar to them (Matt. 13:33; 22:1–2; 24:41; Luke 15:8–10) and specifically applied His teaching to them (Matt. 10:34ff.). To the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4), He revealed that He was the Messiah and discussed with her topics such as eternal life and the nature of true worship. He also taught Mary and, when admonished by Martha, pointed out the priority of learning spiritual truth even over “womanly” responsibilities like serving guests in one’s home (Luke 10:38). Although men in Jesus’ day normally would not allow women to count change into their hands for fear of physical contact, Jesus touched women to heal them and allowed women to touch Him (Luke 13:10ff.; Mark 5:25ff.). Jesus even allowed a small group of women to travel with Him and His disciples (Luke 8:1–3), an unprecedented happening at that time. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene and sent her to announce His resurrection to the disciples (John 20:1–18), despite the fact that women were not allowed to be witnesses in Jewish courts because they were considered liars. In Jesus’ treatment of women, He raised their station of life and He showed them compassion and respect in a way they had never known. This demonstrated their equality. At the same time, however, Jesus still did not exalt women to a place of leadership over men. The Epistles and Women In the Epistles, the two principles of equality and submission for women exist side by side. Galatians 3:28 points to the equality, indicating that the way of salvation is the same for both men and women and that they are members of equal standing in the body of Christ. It does not, however, eradicate all differences in responsibilities for men and women, for this passage does not cover every aspect of God’s design for male and female. In addition, there are many other passages that make distinctions between what God desires of men and what He desires of women, especially within family and within the church. The Family While Christian marriage is to involve mutual love and submission between two believers (Eph. 5:21), four passages in the New Testament expressly give to wives the responsibility to submit to their husbands (Eph. 5:22; Col. 3:18; Titus 2:5; 1 Pet. 3:1). This voluntary submission of one equal to another is an expression of love for God and a desire to follow His design as revealed in His Word. It is never pictured as demeaning or in any way diminishing the wife’s equality. Rather the husband is called to love his wife sacrificially as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) and to serve as the leader in a relationship of two equals. While husbands and fathers have been given the primary responsibility for the leadership of their children (Eph. 6:4; Col. 3:21; 1 Tim. 3:4–5), wives and mothers are urged to be “workers at home” (Titus 2:5), meaning managers of the household. Their home and their children are to be their priority, in contrast to the world’s emphasis today on careers and fulltime jobs for women outside the home. The Church From the very beginning, women fulfilled a vital role in the Christian church (Acts 1:12–14; 9:36–42; 16:13–15; 17:1–4, 10–12; 18:1–2, 18, 24–28; Rom. 16; 1 Cor. 16:19; 2 Tim. 1:5; 4:19), but not one of leadership. The apostles were all men; the chief missionary activity was done by men; the writing of the New Testament was the work of men; and leadership in the churches was entrusted to men. Although the Apostle Paul respected women and worked side by side with them for the furtherance of the gospel (Rom. 16; Phil. 4:3), he appointed no female elders or pastors. In his letters, he urged that men were to be the leaders in the church and that women were not to teach or exercise authority over men (1 Tim. 2:12). Therefore, although women are spiritual equals with men and the ministry of women is essential to the body of Christ, women are excluded from leadership over men in the church. Men and women stand as equals before God, both bearing the image of God Himself. However, without making one inferior to the other, God calls upon both men and women to fulfill the roles and responsibilities specifically designed for them, a pattern that can be seen even in the Godhead (1 Cor. 11:3). In fulfilling the divinely given roles taught in the New Testament, women are able to realize their full potential because they are following the plan of their own Creator and Designer. Only in obedience to Him and His design will women truly be able, in the fullest sense, to give glory to God.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emily's Boo Boo and Childhood Memories.....

Well we were outside playing in the nice fall like weather and Emily tripped and fell on the driveway. She got a boo boo on her nose as you can tell from the picture. She bounced back pretty quickly. She was cracking me up with this hat on so I took a picture to document her boo boo like any good mother (right?).

Speaking of mothers. I was thinking of my mom yesterday morning. Have you ever had one of those moments after you have children that you thank God for your mother and you feel the need to call her and apologize for all the things you did as a child? Well here are just a couple of those things.

First of all CLOTHES. I use to try clothes on and toss them in the dirty clothes or leave them on the floor. Well, my son has adopted this behavior for himself and I think of my poor mom every time I go into his room (after I have told him to clean it up) and I look at the heaping pile of clothes hanging out of his dirty clothes basket. I ask him "Carson, are all of those clothes dirty?" (I can literally her my mothers voice as I am saying this). So one by one I pick up each item and do what with it ladies?? Come on ... you know the answer.. yes.. SMELL IT! :) Over half of the clothes go back into the drawers and the rest are off to be washed.. Oh, what joy!

OK, here is the other thing... I am sleeping in my bed. Not sure of the time but everyone in the house is still sleeping (so I think). Then I start to sense that someone is watching me. So I roll over and open one eye as I do I jump out of my skin and gasp!!! Carson!!! What's wrong??? "Nothing, Hi Mommy, Can I get up now??" As my heart starts to slow down and get out of the danger zone I take a deep breath and once again ask very calmly "Carson, when you come in Mommy's room can you say "Mommy or something instead of just standing there??" lol lol

I can remember in our house growing up we had a few rules when we went out. Always be home by curfew and most important of all... when you get home you must "Check in" this consisted of walking into my mom's bedroom and telling her you were home. I remember many times I would come in and into my mother's bedroom as she was sleeping peacefuly in her bed.. and in my quite voice say "mama, I'm home" only for her to jump straight out of bed and gasp and say "WHAT'S WRONG???" then my standard response "nothing mama, I was just checking in" lol

Ahh, what sweet memories. I sure did have a wonderful childhood. With 3 older sister and a much younger brother there was never a dull moment. My mom, the strongest women I know, raised us to love each other and the Lord. I value that so much. Ok, now it's your turn. In the comment section of this entry (just below this post) let's here your moments. The times that you thought to yourself "I sound just like my mom, my poor mom" lol



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, how sweet the blessings....

My 3 sleeping angels. Well. I just had to take a picture of all of my babies sleeping. I can't believe how big they are all getting. I am truly blessed to be at home with them and to be able to spend so much time with them. I am even more blessed by my wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for his family. He is such a wonderful husband and father. It's so amazing how you can love someone more and more each day you spend with them. My children are a blessing from the Lord and a wonderful addition to our union. I'm so amazed at what a awesome God we serve.
Loving My Life,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Excellent Wife??

I started a new study today with a group of women at our church. I'm so excited about this book. My friend Michelle gave it to me awhile back and I am very excited to now be doing a study on it. I'll be blogging about it I'm sure so if you want to get the book and join in!
I want to be the wife (and mommy) that God wants me to be. I want to be used by Him to bring honor and glory to my Him, my husband, children and home. I pray that God will use this His Word and this book to do a mighty work in me!
I am also reading Train Up A Child too! I should be doing much more reading and less TV watching at night! This should keep me busy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Ballet Class

Sarah had her first ballet lesson today. She had a lot of fun. Her friend Kendal is in her class so I think that really helped her to jump right in. I'm so proud of her. I was able to watch her some but I couldn't get any good pictures. She got to wear her ballet shoes and tap shoes too. Getting her ready for dance reminded me of my many years of dance. Such sweet memories. It's going to be interesting with Emily. Sarah's dance class is at 12:45 and it's right in the middle of her nap. She was so tired today. I hope she is able to adjust. Carson has really been bugging me today about piano lessons. He really wants to take lessons. I just hope he is ready for the practice he will have to do at home. I'm excited about him doing piano because I feel like it's a way for him to serve the Lord.

Monday, September 8, 2008

School, Naps and Playtime with Daddy

Sleepy girl... Emily loves to sleep with her sippy cup!

Well, we have still been busy with school and had a wonderful weekend too. Saturday we spent at home waiting for the big storm which ended up being just some rain and a little wind. We stayed at home and played with Daddy and boy did we have fun! Here is a video of some of our activities. Don't worry, the kids love this and no children were harmed in the making of this video. The shirt Neil is wearing might be harmed. I have been trying to get him to get rid of that shirt for awhile but he keeps wearing it because is so comfortable. We did end up going out later in the day. We headed to the gym and pool.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here comes Hanna

Well, Hanna is on her way. We are all waiting for the rain. I hope we don't get too much wind! We tend to loose power a lot out here then we are always the last to get it back. There isn't much more we can do now except wait. We don't have a generator so if the power does go out we will be packing up our stuff and heading to my mom's I guess. We do have a freezer full of food we we are going to hope and pray that we don't loose power.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Well, we are back doing school everyday now. We did some school this summer but took a lot of time off too :) Carson is in First Grade and Sarah started Kindergarten. Emily.. well, Emily is trying to do whatever sister and brother do as you can tell from the picture. She is into everything and I'm not yet sure exactly what I will do with her while I am doing school. Today we tried just letting her play in the room but she ended up on top of the school table several times. After awhile she figured out that she could play and I wasn't going anywhere so she was fine for while. Carson is doing such a great job at reading. I am so proud of him! Sarah loves to draw and paint and she is starting to learn to read and I am so proud of her too. Sarah is so sweet with Emily and the two of them have such a good time playing. We are working on Creation in our history and tonight we started reading Little House on the Prairie. We are using a Classical approach to our homeschooling which involves a lot of "living" (books that teach us by reading about them in "real" books instead of textbooks). We still have a very structured Math and Handwriting Program that goes along with it too. We had a fun day and some friends even came over afterschool and we made some whole wheat tortillas!! Oh, what fun!!

Steeler Kids

Well we went to ChicFilA on Monday (Labor Day) for our free chicken tenders and I decided to take a few pictures of the kids in their Steelers Stuff. Too Cute Hu??? We had a great day with Daddy home. What a special day :)