Monday, July 28, 2008

Crab Craft Idea

Crab Craft
Well we got motivated after getting home from the beach (and Carson getting a Hermit Crab) to make Crabs! This craft is easy to do. Items needed: Small paper plates, orange paint, yellow foam paper or construction paper and google eyes. Let the kids paint 2 plates and wait for them to dry (this is the hard part.. the waiting...) then cut the legs and claws out of the yellow paper. Staple the legs inside the two plates and glue on the eyes. We also cut out our names and glued them on as well. This is optional. Enjoy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Family Vacation to Nags Head NC

Emily Joy enjoyed playing in the sand. This was her first real beach experience. At first she didn't like the sand on her hands but she got over that real quick. She loved to pool too. She even went under the water some.

Sarah enjoyed playing in the sand. She also loved playing in the pool. Sarah is getting very brave in the water. She learned how to do hand stands in the pool. Sarah and Emily liked to play in the sand together but Emily liked stepping on the sand castles. The always sweet Sarah would just build a new one.

Carson loved playing in the ocean. He also loved playing in the pool with Sarah and Daddy. Carson is swimming very well. He likes to dive down in the pool for stuff. Uncle Scott bought Carson a Hermit Crab while we were at the beach. Carson has been taking good care of his new pet.